Beyond expectation.

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Since 1987, EMI Academy was set out to enrich students' education. We continue to deliver academic excellence even after 30 years. We value every student and every teacher. We dedicate ourselves in creating a place where incredibly talented teachers are empowered to put their best work into each individual student. 


Quick Facts

  • Palisades Park Location: 410 Broad ave, 3Fl Palisades Park NJ 07650
  • Closter Location: 539 Durie Ave, 1Fl Closter NJ 07624
  • K through 8th Grade
  • 10:1 Student-Teacher Ratio (6:1 Student-Teacher Ratio Closter)
  • Certified/Experienced Teachers

EMI Programs

Nestled in the heart of Palisades Park & Closter,  EMI Academy delivers academic excellence from K grades to 8th grades. Our programs are tailored to meet students' needs. Click on the link below to view all of our course offerings. 

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