SAT Test dates 2017-2018

The SAT is offered seven times throughout the year. During the 2017-2018 school year, the College board offered - for the first time, an August SAT and SAT Subject Tests administration. The August administration test replaces the January administration of the SAT. 

Students - especially Juniors and Seniors- preparing for the SAT should have general outline of expected test date in order to plan out study schedule.  Most students who are well prepped for the SAT test spend about a year. 

Test Dates & Deadlines

SAT Test Dates.png

1.   When's the right time to prepare for the exam? 

In general, this ties in with the latter question: How many times do you plan on taking the exam? Many students should consider taking at least TWO to THREE times a year. With that said, it wouldn't be ideal for you to take back-to-back SAT tests. Squeezing in SAT tests one after another won't have much effect on increasing your score. 

The best time to start: End of Sophomore year. Prep for the SAT during the summer. For any standardized tests including graduate level tests such as the MCAT, GMAT, and GRE, the most ideal preparation time is 100 + hours. The only time you will have that amount of time will be during the summer. 

You can, then, take the next test in either December or March. If needed, prep a little more during the summer and take the August test as your last one. 


2.   How do I register for the SAT test? 

Go to Once you enter the website, sign up if you do not have an account. The site will ask you to input your personal as well as your school information to find out more about you. 


I hope you have a better understanding as to when the tests are and when to expect to start preparing for the SAT.